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Additional activities of engineering company LLC CONTINENT ENERGY

1. Contracted and Subcontracted works on alternative energy sources installation (solar cell array and wind generators, but not limited to the following).

2. Consulting and marketing services associated with alternative energy systems (solar and wind but not limited to the following).

3. Equipment supply maintenance of alternative energy source (solar cell array and wind generators but, not limited to the following).

4. Rendering of engineering services to persons and corporate bodies, including construction and installation works and commissioning of an object, but not limited to the following.

5. Marketing research

Market analysis and situation assessment;
Competitor analysis;
Marketing feasibility study of investment project;
Company's activity analysis;
Marketing analysis of production distribution;
Marketing strategy development;
Guidelines for improvement of marketing communications;

6. Engineering geodesy

Engineering and geodesic works include a series of surveys carried out by engineers in the construction industry and land boundary survey. During surveying, precision of measurements and reliability of developed data help to protect from negative implications such as building failure, caused by incorrect calculations of ground settlement, environmental accident, and etc.

Goal of research of construction engineering-geodesic surveying is topographical survey which includes topographical maps of construction site survey area.

As a consequence these documents become framework for rebuild project, engineering project plan, drawings and other construction documents.

7. Environment

The matter is that engineering-environmental surveys will help to assess environment current state, study its components, predict an interaction between environment and projected buildings and structures, taking into account the impact of an expected development pressure, ensure safety of territories and favorable living environment, reduce or eliminate adverse environmental impact. Survey results provide baseline data for project documentation sections Environmental protection event list and Environmental impact assessment.

Reconnaissance survey, which includes environmental description of pollution signs as well as total area survey.
Excavation, which includes sample collection for further laboratory study.
Assessment of the radiological situation which includes gamma radiation survey, measurement of radon flux density from the earth, measurement of EEVA radon of closed rooms, determination of specific activity of radionuclides in the ground coat.

Laboratory sample test for chemical, bacteriological, parasitological and entomological pollutions;
Soil vapor survey;
Physical effect analyses
Assessment of physical impacts, including the study of noise, vibrations and electromagnetic fields;

Survey materials office treatment, including environmental and man-made conditions, advanced ecological state description, possible adverse change forecast, as well as recommendations and suggestions.

8. Foreign projects adaptation

Today adaptation of foreign projects to the conditions on the territory of Uzbekistan is a popular trend in the modern construction industry.

Foreign companies offer original project design of high quality solutions that are in demand by domestic organizations, particularly in industrial and residential construction. However, it is not possible to transfer them completely into Uzbek conditions, since they are based on requirements that significantly differ technically and regulatory from building codes in our country.

Therefore, a foreign projects adaptation to the conditions of Uzbekistan is significant, which should be entrusted to professionals. Direct consultations with project developers give us additional opportunities to modify the foreign projects, and to develop the optimal parameters for their implementation in Uzbekistan.

Foreign project adaptation involves:
Draft text translation and explanatory notes to drawings;
Analysis and assessment of the proposed decisions;
Technical documentation revision in accordance with the current legislation of Uzbekistan, taking into accounts the climatic conditions specific to the region;
Development of additional disciplines, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan as well as the Cabinet of Ministers, regulating the scopes of discipline documentation and requirements to their content, which is needed to undergo an examination.
Implementation of projects that are developed by foreign companies without third party practice, dealing with project adaptation to the country conditions, may result in problems and risks, as it requires necessary professional skills, details understanding and careful analysis of them, as well as it requires additional calculations and development of new technological solutions.

During adaptation of projects to the concrete area and as well as in the process of developing design concept, the following factors should be taken into account:
Local topography;
Soil condition;
Groundwater depth;
Weather conditions, including mean annual temperatures, snow and wind loads;
Off-site utility devices

9. Selection and supply of technology and equipment

Rendering of services associated with selection and supply of technology and equipment for manufacturing enterprises. At first, you cannot feel a need for engaging the third party to perform such kind of work. As a rule, managers of the companies have a clear understanding of all aspects of their activities, including required equipment. However, practice shows that experience in this matter is needed to avoid the breakdowns in work schedules.

Today processing equipment market is so rich that without involving of engineering marketing research experts, it is impossible to fully study it. In order to choose the most suitable equipment from hundreds of models of the same type of aggregates, it is required to take into account many factors, as well as carrying-out of a comparative detail analysis of the productions of all companies that supply corresponding instruments of production.

Equipment procurement process does not only include model selection but also quantification of number of aggregates that are required to equip the enterprise. This figure is found out through a series of calculations such as, production area calculation, the volume of raw material base, power energy systems of the enterprise and many other factors that affect performance, depending on which is calculated the amount of purchased equipment.

In most cases, production equipment is purchased abroad, which creates a number of additional difficulties in the implementation of this process. The contract for purchasing of a required number of aggregates is made in two languages, in Russian and in the language of the country of origin. Equipment transportation and customs clearance require work item.

When the equipment is delivered to the company, we can provide its installation, placement in accordance with the internal layout of the premises, commissioning, and start-up and trial operation. In addition, we can make recommendations on the use of and conduct a training of the personnel, if it is necessary.

One of the main risks in procuring abroad equipment is the underestimation of cost of its maintenance. Lack of in-house specialists dealing with repair of imported equipment and its spare parts can lead to commercial failure. In addition, one of the common problems is that because of isolated location of manufacturers from the equipment-handling place, enterprises may stand idle. Waiting for professionals engaged in warranty repair and maintenance of aggregates, could cause substantial losses. Calculations carried out by our specialists, allow predicting the possible risks. During the selection of the optimal model of equipment, our specialists examine conditions under which consumable products and spare parts supply, minimizing the time and budget of services.
Besides, we organize training courses for the required number of specialists on repair work of the equipment models delivered by us among the staff members who provide services, considering the independence of our customers from the manufacturers.

Thanks to complex approach to the delivery issue, our customers will obtain facilities fitted with equipment of high standards, which are selected considering all the features of their enterprises. Our company is dealing with a task of technical servicing as well as production process engineering, in order to simplify the aforementioned procedures by effectively using customers capabilities.

10. Construction oversight and customer supervision

In the future, upon received of appropriate license, our specialists can carry out construction oversight, which will include inspection of construction process against a number of requirements: the rules of occupational health and safety, environmental protection, adherence of land matters, compliance of erected designs with the project documentation and government regulations, governing construction work, as well as compliance with the strength standards of structural elements and working order of utility systems.

Statistically, in Uzbekistan, the percentage of facilities, commissioned with violation of building regulations increased up to 60%. In this regard, the authorities taking active measures in order to avoid non-compliance with the requirements of building regulations, organizing unscheduled control of constructions.

Construction quality control - a procedure, which is dealing with quality control of construction works and implements documentation in accordance with the legislation and technical regulations. The documents regulating construction quality control include:
legislative decree and legal act of the Republic of Uzbekistan
documents of ministers and departments of the Republic of Uzbekistan (National State Standards, regulations on organization and protection of labor, documents of State Committee for Construction, documents of State Technical Supervision Body, documents of State Committee for Environmental protection, documents of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan)
regulatory and advisory documents that establish the rules for design and construction (advisory documents are not binding but demand consideration)
Construction control detects a violation at the first stage of construction and warns of emergency event during the further operation of the facility.

Construction quality control system studies two components:
Technical- quality of work, materials, efficiency of technologies that involved in construction
Personnel- professional qualification of developers and direct executors - construction workers.

Upon completion of quality control analysis that are based on the abovementioned criteria, our specialists will provide a written report on conformity of construction quality with regulatory normatives.

11. Engineering survey

Engineering survey - a complex analysis and inspection of the technical condition of buildings, structures, base and building footing, as well as engineering systems of construction project, which is carried out in order to identify external and hidden defects and damages, as well as allows taking of preventive measures (repair, reconstruction, etc.) and ensures trouble-free operation.

As part of the technical inspection is carried out:
A comprehensive survey of the building;
Identification of building defects and evaluation of its overall condition;
Inspection of building because of its repair and reconstruction;
Inspection of building because of its emergency condition;
Inspection of building for registration and obtaining technical conclusion;
Inspection of building for registration and obtaining certificates of buildings;
Building visual inspection;
Our specialists, with diverse experience and modern high-precision equipment, will carry out a detailed inspection and analysis of the structural units of buildings and structures, regardless of the complexity of the object type in the full respect to the Customer's goals.

Engineering survey - is a necessary action that allows reducing of financial cost at the further operation of the building.

12. Technical Audit

Technical audit is a modern effective procedure that allows inspection of the manufacturing and engineering systems, in order to assess the current state, identification of the reserves in order to improve the efficiency, estimation of future expenditures for repair cycles, modernization, energy demand and energy saving systems implementation. Production technical audit, conducted by our experts, will provide the most accurate information about the status of systems and will allow preparing of justified management decision.

As a rule, a technical audit is used if you need to:
prepare modernization design;
optimize current costs, production system and management;
periodically independent status verification of foreign or geographically dispersed assets;
arrange assets for pledge, lease or trust management;
depositing assets to the authorized capital stock or the division of property.
Technical audit demand is growing with the development of merger and acquisition transactions, emerging of business plans due to development of new technologies and rise of new tasks before enterprises of Uzbekistan. The relevance of the technical audit is due to the high degree of fixed capital amortization, which contains significant risks.

Technical audit allows identifying hidden reserves of production development improvement by process researching and analyzing production scheme of equipment operation.

It is not infrequent that when the new owner acquires the company and during its operation comes across with the problems such as costly repair of equipment, renewal of licenses or patents, urgently replace and re-equip the enterprise and all these require serious investment and do not allow quickly integrate the acquired asset in the existing business. In order to take into account and to be aware of future events, to assess the scale of the necessary changes, independent technical audit contributors should be engaged in order to examine state of the enterprises.

Process of the technical audit includes study of license for the use of technologies, equipment certificate, organizational and administrative documentation, log of operational documentation\Instruction manuals and repair, in addition to the above checking of work performance of operating department, conduction of equipment test and measuring campaign, taking an instrument reading, verification of arrears on energy consumption and license payment.

During the technical audit cycle the important thing is not only revising a document but also holding a poll of department heads, engineers, and professional workers, key management personnel, that is, to collect as much as possible materials of representative data. Based on the information analysis, you will be provided with recommendations, how to increase the efficiency of production capacity, the introduction of new technologies, replacement of out-dated equipment in order to minimize costs.

Besides, during the technical audit cycle, suggestions and comprehensive recommendations on reorganization and diversification of production can be offered if the experts consider that it is necessary to increase the efficiency of the enterprise.

Building and structures, engineering and energy systems, communication and transmission lines, processing lines and machines, industrial tools, machines and heavy equipment, utilities and other industrial components are subjected to verification. This requires a one-time application of various engineers knowledge, organized work of team specialists and the use of a certified laboratory. Therefore, the technical audit is the responsibility of the engineering company, in which these resources are concentrated.

As a result of conducted technical audit you will be provided with the engineering report which contains the most essential information.

In addition, the technical audit has a substantive procedure feature, which is organized in such a way that neither the organization, nor employees or experts involved in this procedure are not affiliated with the systems and object that are being studied.

Technical audit services include:

Examination of engineering and operating documentation;
Analysis of an industrial and technical object, based on the results of engineering tests that are carried out on site;
Inspection of metering device;
Reviewing of documents for compliance with standards, norms, regulations, instructions, as well as with the environmental, fire and industrial safety regulations of the Uzbek Legislation;
Power consumption estimation;
Making recommendations on rectifying deficiencies;
Drawing up a report and submission of the results to the Customer;
Drawing up of technical improvement plan of an enterprise and manufacture;
Technical audit is impossible without engaging of engineers that have experience in production, equipment and in electric power system, since processes and special assets are analyzed.

One of the important features of the company's work is the ability to start the project preparation, modernization of industrial assets and its subsequent reconstruction upon finishing the technical audit.

13. Technology audit

Technological audit includes examination and development of recommendations on organizational and technical measures to improve the competitiveness of existing industries and individual technological solutions. In addition, it should be noted that the first stage in development of technical re-equipping modernization program is the technology audit.

Professionally conducted audit allows us to solve the basic problems of industrial complexes and industries:
return on assets ratio increase, reserves identification;
increase in labor productivity;
stabilization and improvement of product quality;
cost reduction;
product range expansion and entrance to the new markets

Services that are provided by the company's specialists allow the customer to have a complete grasp of the necessary measures for the modernization of production, creation and implementation of new technologies and products.

In practical section, the main directions of technology audit can be divided into 3 stages:
Technology opportunities audit. Because of the audit, we have a package of proposals that allow improving of production efficiency.
Capability assessment for expansion of product line based on new technological solutions. As a result of assessment, technological development strategy of enterprise is worked out.
Fabricability test and prospectively assessment of the project as a whole. Because of this, you will have a clear understanding on the directions of production technological development and demand level projected for 3-5 years.

The results, obtained in the course of conducted technology audit, is a foundational aspect for management decision making and base for strategic development or enterprise modernization (quickly and efficiently redesign the building, receive technology-based economic evaluations and forecasts of effectiveness and capital, to allocate resources according to priorities), fund raising and creating market advantages.

14. Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering includes set of services that are directed to building and further development of new production or re-equipment and modernization of the existing one. Engineering does not include only technical side of the process but also full strategic planning, considering characteristics of each company.

We can say with reasonable confidence that in Uzbekistan industrial engineering within modern construction business is not developed in high level, since these kind of services provided only by a few companies.

Implementation need of industrial engineering is often due to the fact that today, most domestic enterprises have a morally and physically out-dated equipment that do not allow being competitive in the international market. It is also often required the organization and implementation of new production management systems.

Providing services of industrial engineering, our specialists will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the enterprise, in which carefully considered all factors of production and on the basis of which identified all possible opportunities for further development in production, improvement of technical processes, equipment upgrades and staff training. The main stage of our industrial engineering is the implementation of project-based that significantly increases the effectiveness of hold activities. Depending on the scale of necessary reforms and building, our specialists will develop a strategic project, which will take into account all aspects of the future activities of the enterprise.

Industrial engineering is the most modern and effective way to achieve well-being of the enterprise.

15. Technical analysis of existing production

Technical and engineering analysis of industrial enterprise is conducted in order to determine compliance with the qualitative characteristic of the equipment and product to the established norms. Any enterprise is faced with the need to conduct these activities in order to obtain accurate information about the state of the technological part of the current production.

Technical analysis is conducted by using a plurality of different test methods to determine compliance quality of base materials, auxiliary materials, as well as final product to the established norms. Besides, during the examination, quality control of the product is carried out on each stage of the production.

Engineering analysis includes package of tests that are designed to measure ability of equipment, structures and products to withstand the design loads and uninterrupted operation during the commissioning.

Also, our specialists will carry out consistence control of production to the established requirements and rules. In case of revealing product failure or defects, our specialists will make a thorough examination of resulting data to determine a problem. According to determined problems, corrective action measures will be worked out which are directed to rectify the problem and to take prophylactic measures.

Taking into account the specificity of tests, you may need an expert assistance because conduction of such kind of tests by enterprise often seems as impossible.

Tests that are conducted by our Company, within the technical and engineering analysis will allow Customer to receive complete and accurate information about the products and the state of the equipment and will give the opportunity to take preliminary actions to eliminate the defects.

16. Industrial strategies development:

Enterprise industrial strategy development is now becoming ever more relevant. This is due to the fact that in the new economic environment that emerged in Uzbekistan in the last decade, enterprises that are started their activities in the Soviet Union, still have the problems. The problem of these enterprises is hindered their adaptability to the conditions of today's market, which requires more flexibility and foresight.

Often, industrial strategy includes comprehensive research and analysis of production current state, on the basis of which decisions are made. Therefore, strategy development is needed to determine malmanagement problems.

But often under color of market strategy development, simple services on industrial automation and implementation of information systems are provided that do nothing to improve efficiency of the enterprise.

The result of strategy, which is developed by our Companys specialists, will include retrofit actions and new technology implementation into technical process. However, the most important part will be the effective implementation of enterprise management systems that provide sustainable growth of production and development of new market segments.

Our company will have a staff of highly qualified professionals with wide experience of successful activity in the field of construction and consulting. We are ready to use all available opportunities to improve the customer's production efficiency, as well as to modernize and reorganize the company in accordance with the requirements of modern business.

17. Lean production

Lean production is a system, which is directed to provide maximum production performance at minimum cost. This technology is deservedly considered to be the best in terms of price to the achieved result. Using this technology, many large corporations have successfully passed through more than one crisis.

Lean production methodology assumes elimination of all losses and unsubstantiated expenses that the customer thinks unreasonable. The basic principle is as follows: "All that does not add value for the consumer in terms of lean production, is classified as a loss, and should be eliminated". For example, storage of spare parts and productions is not necessary for the consumer; accordingly planned reduction of stock reserves should be implemented.

Actuality of lean manufacturing is due not only to economic instability in the country, but also due to stagnant state of industrial sector systems. Adopting lean manufacturing technology at the customer's enterprise, our specialists will follow the basic principles of lean manufacturing technology, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed in the practice of the world's largest enterprises.

Lean production is based on the following principles:
Concrete product valuation;
Ascertaining the capabilities of product value engineering;
Ensuring continuity of product value engineering;
Provide consumers the opportunity to purchase the product;
Quest for excellence;
Finest quality;
Establishing long-term relationships with the customer.

Following these principles, our specialists will help to implement systemic changes without unreasonable costs, which will increase the productivity and efficiency of the enterprise.

18. Energy audit and resource economy

The profitability of a project, as a rule, is the main purpose of its implementation. Competence and technological capabilities of our company will guarantee customer the best solutions in this area. One of the productivity tools of our company is an energy audit.

Energy audit - a modern form of optimization of financial costs because it is based on the analysis and energy audit consumption in order to increase energy efficiency and calculating ways to minimize the associated costs. Energy audit allows detecting the source of wasteful energy consumption in the enterprises and provides implementation of energy saving measures in practice.

Energy audit process includes series of steps:
Energy consumption source analysis;
Identification of elements that consume excessive amounts of electric energy;
Energy audit report preparation that includes recommendations on the optimization of energy consumption to achieve maximum efficiency;
Development of measures required to reduce energy consumption in the enterprise;
Planning of measures sequence, taking into account their economic benefit, labor costs and payback.

Equipment and technologies that are used in the process of energy audit, allow our experts to obtain maximum accurate performance parameters of all power systems of the enterprise and to detect energy loss, which is associated with technical problem and worn-out state of equipment. Based on the data analysis, expert staff will provide advice list that includes certain list of energy conservation equipment or ways and methods that used to reduce energy usage in the enterprise activity.

A wide range of measures implemented by our company in the course of the audit, will be directed to the solution of problems that are connected with the most effective and efficient use of electricity in the enterprise, and as a consequence, the cost optimization. Following the recommendations received as a result of the energy audit, the customer will be able to develop additional system of measures to save the company budget. These measures will significantly improve the production profitability, which guarantees payback for energy audit services within the shortest possible of time.

Our spectrum of services is not limited with the optimization of energy consumption in the enterprise. Our specialists have a big experience and competence to carry out a wide range of measures that are directed to analyze efficiency of resource use.

Resource economy is one of the most wide-spread directions of development, among members of international engineering market. This is because such kinds of complex measures help to reduce cost of the new project, the existing enterprise management system, to assess the effectiveness of resource consumption in the production facility.

Special attention in the provision of engineering services in the field of resource economy, our company will give to innovative technologies. Developing of innovation activities give the possibility of obtaining significant economic and competitive advantages in production.
Our services allow you to seriously improve the working efficiency by advancing organizational system, to reduce the costs of construction projects, as well as to innovate and to implement modern technological equipment that reduce resource use.

After the audit energy, the consumer receives:
Operational costs reduction by 30%
Payment reduction for electric energy by 30%
Payment reduction for water by41%
Payment reduction for heat by 50%
Emissions reduction CO2 by 30%

Our company is ready to assist in improvement of business efficiency, which will be carried out by means of professional consultation in the field of energy audit and resource economy, besides to contribute in the implementation of projects in practice.

19. Expertise

Our company will expertize building, ready and repair facilities. Experts control will ensure compliance with the project documentation of the building and state requirements, the adequacy of structural conditions to the local conditions and will help to identify the failure causes of engineering systems, as well as to detect financial misconduct during the construction.
Non-compliance with the construction standards and recommendations has led to the consideration of draft law on stiffing legal penalties measures and increasing of amount of fine for violation of technical rules. One of the main reasons for draft law adoption was unplanned-independent expertise of constructions. Results of expertise have resulted in initiation of criminal and administrative cases, besides numerous administrative penalties.
Internal planned expertise will avoid management responsibility, as well as will allow identifying of introduced errors and save on error correction (it is easier to make changes at the development and production stages rather than existing project). Our specialists will assist in planned-independent expertise of the quality of the construction; will help to expose nonconformances and to make necessary changes.
During the construction work quality expertise, our specialists will take into account the following criteria:
Environmental features study (geodetic analysis);
Compliance of the design with the actual parameters of the object;
Analysis of materials in accordance with All Union State Standard
Conformance inspection;
Estimated data analysis;
Financial accounting reconciliation

During expertize on abovementioned criteria, our specialists will also identify errors that are related to incorrect planning and develop an error correction strategy.
Our company will provide quality expertise not only of the construction but also of maintenance. Maintenance technical inspection assumes a control over the operations that are directed to attack the defects, which reduce operating efficiency.
Our specialists will carry out a detailed analysis, aimed at method selection that allows , as well as identify such kind of causes and develop maintenance prevention methods. Independent construction work quality expertize that is carried out during the maintenance (finished facility analysis) is supplemented by the consideration of parameters, such as:
Ventilation systems;
Waterproofing and electric insulating systems;
Roof covering;
Axis of object (conformance to design)

Upon completion of independent expertise, our experts will provide a conclusion on the construction quality and will legalize it according to the existing national standards. As well as, the expertise includes legal and financial consulting.
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